When the farming season comes to an end (in pictures)

I left Hollengold Farm one week ago today as the days continue to grow colder and farming season creeps toward completion.  What’s crazy is that the day I left, November 22nd, I harvested pounds upon pounds of fresh produce in a frantic I-don’t-wanna-leave-the-farm-and-be-forced-to-shop-at-the-grocery-store-or-eat-processed-foods frenzy.  What did I harvest?  Collared greens; Tuscan (dinosaur) kale; red cabbage; turnips; candy cane, yellow and red beets; kohlrabi; leeks; green onion; parsley and thyme.  What else was out there?  Green cabbage; Brussels sprouts; rutabagas; red and daikon radishes; broccoli; parsnips; carrots; Red Russian kale; rosemary and tarragon.  I’m sure I’m forgetting at least a handful of vegetables amazingly still growing on Hollengold Farm despite December being just days around the corner.

It’s really quite humbling to witness the tenacity and endurance of an organic vegetable garden amidst nightly frosts, bitter cold winds, and the anticipation of snow upon waking each morning.

Here are some pictures of the farm as we added a fresh layer of mulch to many of its beds and began to put the garden to bed for the winter.


Mulching over beds to repress weeds and add organic matter

Head of califlower

Dew drops left over from a melting frost

Swiss Chard, dew drops

Spider webs lined with dew

Netting supports climbing vines and dripping drops of dew

Adorned in shimmering water droplets

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2 Responses to When the farming season comes to an end (in pictures)

  1. Wendy says:

    Spinach, Don’t forget spinach. I harvested some yesterday and it is so sweet and delicate.I made a turkey frame soup and used all the garden vegetables and right before serving I dropped in some fresh spinach. The most delicious soup I have every eaten!

  2. Ah yes and spinach, and all the lettuce in the green house as well… that soup sounds great, wanna ship me some in the mail!? I’m experiencing post-farm culture shock over here!

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