Goodbye City, Hello Farm

For those of you following this story, it’s actually already begun (though I’ve fallen behind on telling it).  In brief, I left behind the concrete; the constant churn of cement trucks and predictability of cat calls; the garbage strewn sidewalks and short subway commute of Bushwick, Brooklyn for a small family farm in rural Accord, NY.  Population decline: 2.5 million to 622.

The farm is rustic and charming, calm, comfortable, luxurious in a way.  The farm is wonderfully, awesomely, thankfully free of the idle of engines, honking of horns, screech of the subway, pedestrian density.  The farm is quiet and abundantly green.

More on all of that later though…

This blog isn’t intended as a space to rant about why I left the city for a farm, and in fact, this blog really isn’t about farming either.  OK, in reality it will probably have a lot to do with farming.  Outside of that it’s really intended for writing about whatever comes next –  hopefully to include some useful advice, interesting knowledge, and witty banter.  Questions and commentary welcome.


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